Jill Babinec’s Dance for a Cure is a line workshop and dance benefit for breast cancer research. Organized by Jill Babinec and Julie Ellis, the event continues to draw dancers from Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana and even farther beyond. This delightful event has been blessed with friendly dancers, internationally known choreographers, over-the-top entertainment, Julie’s delicious lunch and of course Jill’s personal and professional talents.

Special Guest Instructors

Rosie Multari

Rosie Multari has been teaching line dancing in New Jersey since 1993. She actually was a line dance choreographer first, creating dance workout videos for TV Fitness star Denise Austin & the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. Rosie’s well-known Beginner line dances are To the Moon, Tap & Go, Bally’s Mambo, Stealing the Best, Jersey Girls Cha, We Have to Dance, Marry You, Hold On To, This Life & Gloria AB!

Rosie has a varied educational background which all led to  where  she is now: a BFA in Theatre Arts from Brooklyn College followed by becoming a Gerontologist 20 years later, as well as running a successful fitness business, Rosie’s Robics, for over 35 years.   More Information


John Robinson

JohnRobinsonJohn discovered country dancing in 1993 while visiting Nashville for a work-related trade show. He started taking lessons and dancing socially at the Grizzly Rose Saloon in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

By 1995, John was instructing freestyle couples, pattern partner, and line dances three nights a week to hundreds of eager students. He introduced west coast swing and cha cha to the area, as well as line dances from (then) up-and-coming choreographers . More Information





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