Jill Babinec’s Dance for a Cure is a line workshop and dance benefit for breast cancer research. Organized by Jill Babinec and Julie Ellis, the event continues to draw dancers from all over the states and Canada.  This delightful event has been blessed with friendly dancers, internationally known choreographers, over-the-top entertainment, Julie’s delicious lunch and of course Jill’s personal and professional talents.

Special Guest Instructors

Joey Warren


Joey started dancing when he was 10 years old. He attended a line
 dance class every Thursday called, “Boot Scootin Boogie!” But, that only
 lasted for about a year and a half because the place was shut down. From
 that point, till he was 17 years old, Joey went back to being focused on
 school and sports. As those years went by, he had friends that kept dancing
 and told him that it had drastically changed. In June of 2003, he attended
 his first dance event; the JG2 Line Dance Marathon. He didn’t know any
 dances but was able to take many workshops and see all the new styles of
 dance. That’s all it took! 
        More Information



Rona Kaye


Rona Kaye’s line dance teaching career began in New York City in 1993. She was the Dance/Special Events Coordinator/In House Choreographer at New York City’s premiere Country Music & Dance venue, Denim & Diamonds. That six year work experience was one of the very best in her life!

Rona’s “on air” (TV) credits include Good Morning America, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, Access Hollywood and RuPaul Show among others. She has worked as a line dance instructor on Fox, Comcast, and MTV.          More Information



Joanne Brady

It was said by Sigmund Freud many years ago that “we are all brought to this world for a reason and once we find our reason for being, we find peace for our soul.” Well, it might be stretching it a bit to say Joanne Brady was born for dancing, but then again, it might not! One thing for sure is she was born to teach.

No matter where she teaches, Joanne Brady is remembered for her instruction, her humor and her infectious energy.  More Information






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